2018 Annual Nanotechnology Conference


The “International Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevice Conference 2018” was held in Vienna, Austia, from 3-th to 5-th September 2018. It managed to gather prominent participants working in the field of nanomaterials. The conference covered fields like energy conversion and storage, synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials, catalysis for clean energy and chemical production, and nanobiotechnologies.
Nanomat2018 was attended by both scientists and industry and provided the opportunity of networking and broadening the understanding of nanomaterials and nanotechnology. One of the goals of the conference which was successfully achieved was to facilitate exchange of knowledge between scientists and dissemination of research data. The conference also gave opportunity to young scientists (MSc, PhDs and postdocs) to network with famous speakers and opened horizons for future collaborations. There were awards for the talented young participants for the best poster and speaker.
The Organizer – The European Nanoscience and Nanotechnlogy Association, aims to facilitate the interaction between top level scientists and young ambitious students. This goal was successfully achieved through The Annual Nanotechnology Conference.

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