Nanotechnology is revolutionizing our future!


Nanotechnology is an emerging technology that involves the design, characterization, production, and application of structures, devices, and systems by controlled manipulation of size and shape at the nanometer scale. It is already used in every day products. It is in your toothpaste, sun cream, computer, clothes and it is also even in your food.
Nanotechnology is
revolutionizing our future!
Nanotechnologies are predicted to be a main driver of technology and business in this century and hold a great promise for domains as diverse as product development, environmental conservation, medicine and information technology. Simultaneously, it gives rise to numerous concerns about potential health risks and environmental hazards. In addition, nanotechnology raises wider social and ethical issues regarding unintended long-term consequences, social and financial risks, issues of governance and control and fundamental issues about life and human identity.
This is the mission of NANO2ALL, an initiative funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme that aims to help you to better understand nanotechnologies and their applications.

It aims to put Responsible Research Innovation (RRI) at the core of its methodology to create a climate of dialogue and engagement,

allowing different societal actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, businesses, third sector organisations, etc.) to work together to better align research and innovation with the values, needs and expectations of the society.

Through NANO2ALL you can make your concerns and needs be heard, as well as participate in the dialogue with scientists, businesses, governments and general audience to discuss the important issues which arise from the use of nanotechnologies.

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