ENNA Membership

Find your professional home with ENNA

Members of European Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Association have the opportunity to be part of a worldwide network  of scientists, professionals and researchers  who share common interests in the fields  of nanoscience and nanotechnology.


Why Join Us

Are you ready to take your place in ENNA community? Here’s how we help our members:

  1. Connect:
  •  Share and gain ideas, insights, experiences, and expertise in your ENNA community.
  • Collaborate and connect with other topic experts by joining an ENNA.
  • Share your next great idea with an oral presentation or poster of events organized by ENNA.

    2.  Lead:

  • Gain leadership experience.
  • Gain recognition with ENNA awards and honors.

    3.  Discover:

  • Keep pace with the latest professional information.
  • Watch the association calendar for information on meetings, seminars, activities, deadlines, and more.

    4.  Save:

  • Save 10-20% on registration fee on events organized by ENNA.

    5.  More Benefits:

  • Find colleagues by expertise area, by geographic region, or search for a mentor—your colleagues are your best resource!
  • Looking for a job? Have an expert review your opportunities.
  • VOTE! You may become immediately involved in all of the Association's programs, but if you can't, we still listen! Your voice is important to us!
  • Your membership travels with you as your job or status changes. No matter who pays for your membership, it's yours.
  • Promote yourself at the ENNA Newsletter.

 How to join the ENNA Membership:

Become a member today and be part of a strong and vibrant science community.

  • Do you want to shape the nanoscience world of tomorrow?
  • Do you want to be connected with other professionals?

Have you checked out the benefits of the ENNA membership? Does it correspond with your aspirations? Then join us by following these easy steps:


Step 1:  Download the application form

Step 2: Membership fees are determined based on your experience.

Step 3: Once we have received receipt of annual fee:

  •    You will receive a membership certificate;
  •  You can start taking advantage of benefits that ENNA membership offers to you.





Types of Membership:



Student Member

€ 10 per annum

Any individual pursuing an undergraduate/graduate or an individual with a PhD/MSc or equivalent in any of the disciplines associated with or integral to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Professional Member

€  30 per annum

The professional member of the society will get reduced cost for participation in ENNA events