Nanoscience Course

Introductory course to Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

Program Overview

Nanotechnology is a newborn discipline that responds to the demand of a multi-disciplinary scientific know-how which translates into superior products and technologies with the manipulation at 10-9m scale.
Program Aim
Nanoscience & Nanotechnology course focuses on providing entry level information for all those who are interested in this exciting & rapidly expanding field. This program will lead to higher levels of knowledge base which in turn is quite useful for career development and new job opportunities.
The program aims to provide good academic foundation in the areas of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. It intends to meet the emerging demands of nanotechnology professionals and will prepare the participants for a successful career in Nanoscience and Technology, for career advancement of existing professionals in various industries.

Learning Outcomes of the Program

Present a broad view of Nanotechnology & Nanoworld.
Aware with the historical, modern and future aspects of this unique field.
Aware with the major researches and developments of products have been introduced in market using Nanotechnology.
Aware with the applications of this field in various sectors.

Program Benefits
The program can benefit participants by giving them a basic knowledge & exposure to the new technology. One can apply this exposure to expand their application areas in their respective fields.

Details of the course:
Online classes are given in the form of PPT slides accompanied by reading of the lectures by a lecturer. Approximately 10 hours of lecture material will be uploaded on the website of ENNA and the remaining 14 hours will be provided live by the lecturers.
The days and time of the lectures are arranged in advance between the students and lecturer. Each online course is intended for groups of no more than three students.
To register for the course, please send an email to: info@europenanoscience.orgĀ /